Free Fire – Battlegrounds is an action and survival game that takes place in an open world in which we have unlimited freedom of movement. It’s a kind of Battle Royale where we’re thrown into a kind of battlefield where every player has to fight for his life.

Fight for your life when you land with your parachute

This could be the summary of Free Fire Battlegrounds as your character is parachuted to an island with more players like you. Once you get there, you have to fight for your life. You better get used to this situation as soon as possible, because nobody will give you a second to breathe. The first thing to do is collect weapons and equipment.

It is an interesting game whose APK you can download for free and as always in these cases, you can improve by buying various items through in-app purchases. You can log in via Facebook, where you can also share your achievements, or by creating your own account within the application.

Free fire battlegrounds Key features

  • Explore a realistic HD open world scenario. The settings are great, thanks to their lighting effects and high-quality images, which are reflected in the trees, buildings and other elements of the landscape.
  • Large selection of weapons to pick up during your adventure: from assault guns to sniper rifles. Adjust your strategy to available weapons.
  • Experience all kinds of experiences and do the survival missions: collect equipment, hide in bunkers, attack other players …
  • Drive all kinds of vehicles to move, escape or even attack your rivals.
  • Form alliances with other players and try to survive together.

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This game can also be downloaded for iOS, but not for the PC, unless you are accessing the APK file and some kind of Android emulator. For possible cheats and hacks, you can find tricks to improve your health, immunity, and other resources.

Requirements and further information:

  • Minimum requirements for the operating system: Android 4.0.3.
  • The app offers in-app purchases.

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