Whats with the hype with battle royale games?

Whats with the hype with battle royale games?

Battle Royale is currently taking the gaming landscape by storm. The game mode is extremely successful, millions of players gamble it, and almost every developer wants to install it now in his game, now even sizes such as “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield”. But how does the mode work? And more importantly, why is there so much hype?

Fierce survival fight

The name goes back to the Japanese movie Battle Royale from the year 2000. Here is a brief explanation: Because of high unemployment and crime, society is forced to dilute the youth population on a regular basis. It does so by exposing selected groups on an island to fight against each other in a struggle for survival.

In addition, the merciless massacre, in which only one can survive, is staged as a popular media spectacle. This idea, which was later also used in the more popular epic Tribute by Panem, forms the background for the popular game mode. After developers and players initially programmed it as a small extension to other games, including “Minecraft“, ” PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ” was the first title, which sat the mode to the main concept.

The game works as follows: The participants first jump out of a plane together with the parachute and can then choose where they land. On the 64 square kilometer map there are many meadows, forests and ruins to hide. Arrived on the ground, it starts immediately. The players fight in search of weapons and supplies. To give the whole thing a little more speed, the game area shrinks over time, until the last survivors in the middle meet for a decisive fight. The winner remains as an individual.

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Decision between fun and science

Battle Royale is exciting, fast, easy to learn and always different. In addition, the mode does not exclude a player group. It is suitable for those who just want to have fun, as well as those who are looking for a challenge. Either they can leave everything to chance and see where they can get it – or they can think about tactics, analyze their style of play and look at guidebooks on YouTube.

The art of winning Battle Royale as the last survivor has evolved over time into a true science. When should you jump off the plane? Where are good landing sites? How do you manage to keep the balancing act between yourself and actively looking for supplies? Which weapons are recommended? How should you adjust your style of play depending on the size of the pitch? What should be considered at the final? Questions about questions, hundreds of opinions, secret tricks and everyone strives to achieve this hard-fought and rare sense of victory.

But Battle Royale can also be a team game. If you do not want to fight alone, you can form a team with two or up to three friends and join in the fray. Then you get exciting matches with one clan after the other, until your own goes up or actually wins. Either way, every match is different and offers interesting situations for every player. Since most of the rounds are only ten minutes long, players do not need to sit in defeat, but can join the next round.

Play or play yourself

Battle Royale is not just a mode, it’s a phenomenon like the movie itself, without you having to feel bad for your fascination because no one really dies. To cheer, you do not even have to play along. Many streamer show their survival on YouTube or Twitch and win the victory for their fans. And at the same time, a victory achieved by a hair’s breadth does not even have to be the most entertaining. Often, players simply put on incredibly funny and disturbing moments online that have come about by accident. Here are some good things for you:

While “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” currently shares the Battle Royale top with ” Fortnite ” and “The Darwin Project“, the first big titles are soon to follow suit, including “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2“, “Battlefield 5“, “Red Dead Redemption 2 “and” Call of Duty – Black Ops 4 “. Since each developer creates his own Battle Royale version, the players always expect different priorities. “Battlegrounds”, for example, relies on a grim setting and a hard struggle for survival, while “Fortnite” focuses more on humor and looseness with its comic look. Above all, survival in the wild in the fight against hunger and cold is at the center of “The Darwin Project”.

The mode stays up-to-date and alive because 1) the question of who survives the next time appeals to our survival instinct and therefore always provokes the new, 2) players, magazines and streamers keep talking about it and 3) the developers always keep the mode revise and equip with new features, especially to prevail against the competition. From when the fascination will run out, is not yet foreseeable.

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